Gut-13 - #1 Premium Probiotic with 50 Billion CFUs and 13 Different Live Strains + Delayed Release

Gut-13 - #1 Premium Probiotic with 50 Billion CFUs and 13 Different Live Strains + Delayed Release

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Take back your digestive health, immune function, ability to lose weight, and get balanced flora with Avocadu's premium probiotic!

Avocadu's Gut-13 Probiotic

  • 50 Billion CFU's Per Serving
  • 13 Different Gut Healing Strains
  • Delayed Release for Deeper Support
  • Made in the USA 

    Want to Radically Change Your Gut Health From The Inside Out?

    Fact: The majority of American's do not consume nearly enough probiotics in their diet to support their immune system and function. This is why when people take a probiotic, they usually see...

    Faster and More Reliable Weight Loss Results

    Studies have found that certain strains of the Lactobacillus family can help you lose weight and belly fat.
    In one study, eating yogurt with Lactobacillus fermentum or Lactobacillus amylovorus reduced body fat by 3–4% over a 6-week period (1).
    During a 3-month study period, the women taking the probiotics lost 50% more weight compared to the group taking a dummy pill (placebo). They also continued to lose weight during the weight maintenance phase of the study.
    Additionally, studies in Japanese adults have shown similarly impressive results (2, 3, 4).

    Better Skin Health, Quality, and Less Breakouts

    Studies have found probiotics can heal your skin and give you more vibrance.
    Orally consumed probiotics reduce systemic markers of inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are factors in heathy and vibrant skin (5). Oral probiotics can also regulate the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines within the skin.
    The gut microbiota influences lipids and tissue fatty acid profiles, and may influence sebum production as well as the fatty acid composition of the sebum (6).
    This may explain why a Russian study found that 54% of acne patients have significant alterations to the gut flora (7), and a Chinese study involving patients with seborrheic dermatitis also noted disruptions in the normal gut flora.

    More Mental Clarity and a Better Mood

    An increasing number of studies link gut health to mood and mental health (8).
    A review of 15 human studies found supplementing with Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains for 1–2 months can improve anxiety, depression, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and memory (9).
    So more memory and mental clarity!

    Less Sickness and Better Vitality/Energy

    More than 40 different diseases and have been linked to having a bacterial imbalance including depression, IBS, arthritis, and cancer.
    This is no surprise seeing the poor gut health of the modern society and knowing that 80% of your immune system is actually located in your gut!
    Probiotics may help give your immune system a boost and inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria (10).
    Another study including over 570 children found that taking Lactobacillus GG reduced the frequency and severity of respiratory infections by 17% (11).
    The probiotic Lactobacillus crispatus has also been shown to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women by 50% (12).

      Why Exactly Do We Need for Probiotics?

      Almost everyone living in the 21st century needs some for of probiotic support! Here’s why:
      Thanks to prescription antibiotics, diets high in refined carbohydrates, high carbohydrate diets in general, the fluoride/chlorine in our tap water, and high levels of stress in our "go-go-go" society, the good bacteria in our guts are being killed off, and our bodies can't replace them at the rate required for a  healthy balanced gut!
      In fact, there are 6 main killers to our natural probiotics:

      Top 6 Good Natural Probiotics Killers

      • Prescription antibiotics
      • Toxic load from pesticides and household products
      • Stress + lack of sleep
      • Sugar intake
      • Drinking tap water (chlorine and fluoride talked about above)
      • Eating too many whole grains (plus gluten)
      Meanwhile, “bad” bacteria can flourish while the “good” bacteria is killed off, leaving your system open to attacks and malfunction.
      If you're truly looking to heal your gut and repopulate your gut the right way, there's a simple 3 step formula you should follow:
      1. Eliminate foods and toxins that feed bad bacteria.
      2. Start consuming probiotic-rich foods and supplements
      3. Consume to foods the good probiotics were designed to live off (veggies and healthy foods!)
        But that's not the only reason why... 

        Probiotics: Why They Are Important

        Probiotics are “good” bacteria that:
        • Improve digestive health. 
        • Increase healthy nutrient absorption.
        • Boost a healthy immune system to fight off sickness.
        But you should choose probiotics wisely.

        Which Probiotic Supplement is Right for You?

        While there are quite a few companies selling probiotics, the majority of products don’t live up to their hype.
        That’s because most probiotic supplements can be destroyed by stomach acid before they even get to the digestive tract.
        Worse than that, they are often cheaply made in China in a low quality and dirty factory. 
        This is why we use a delayed release system AND have our products made right here in the USA! 

        How to Pick a Probiotic Supplement

        Now there are different strains of probiotics... The health benefit experienced by one probiotic may be completely different from the health benefits seen from another probiotic.
        This is why we believe there are 5 specific things you want to consider when choosing a probiotic supplement in capsule form:
        • Large CFU Count: Choose a probiotic brand that has a higher number of AT LEAST 50 billion.
        • Shelf-Stable: Make sure your probiotic supplement is shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
        • Strain Diversity: Select a probiotic supplement that has 10 or more probiotic strains.
        • Source: Most supplements found on Amazon are cheaply sourced in China and are filled with heavy metals and all sorts of fillers!
        • Lactobacillus Potent: Most of the positive effects seen from current studies are done using various strains of Lactobacillus. There should be quite a few in your probiotic choice as well. 

          Premium Probiotic, Gut-13 to the Rescue

          You’ll be thrilled to know that our Probiotic meets the aforementioned criteria.

          Gut-13 contains:

          • 100 billion CFU
          • 9 different strains of lactobacillus
          • Made in the USA
          • Is shelf stable
          • Has 13 different strains inside
          Are you ready to support your gut and immune system from the inside out?
          If so, we encourage you to give my Gut-13 a try!
          We strongly believe that Gut-13 Probiotic is one of the best probiotic supplements on the market.
          Plus, it's backed by my iron-clad guarantee.
          If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply e-mail us at within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.